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Pile of Oranges

Barton Triple Sec Liqueur

Triple Sec


Triple sec, is a generic term for a sweet, clear orange-flavoured liqueur that originated in France. It contains 15–40% alcohol by volume level. It is made by compounding sun-dried orange skins in alcohol for at least 24 hours before going through a three step distilling process.

Triple sec is rarely consumed neat but is commonly used in preparing mixed drinks. It is considered a staple in many bars because of how easily it compliments other spirits. Its fresh and bright flavouring compliments most spirits, and because of this, can be found in most popular drinks. For example, it is a staple in mixed drinks such as Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Singapore Slings,Long Island Ice Tea, Mai Tais, etc.


ABV: 15%

Made in: USA

Type: Triple Sec


Created from the finest ingredients, Barton triple sec is a necessity for margarita, long island tea, and other mixed drinks. Offers super value while having no compromise in quality!

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