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Barton Vodka


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About Barton Vodka

ABV: 40%

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Distilled from 100% grain, Barton vodka is incredibly smooth and distilled four times for purity. This vodka is perfect for mixing in your favorite cocktails.

Barton Vodka is a value brand coming out of Kentucky. They claim it is an "inexpensive vodka, made to satisfy expensive tastes." 

Under the strict manufacturing standards, vodka would have a rough taste if it is distilled less than three times, but if it is distilled more than four times, it would have a smooth, complex fine taste. Vodka's quality is determined by how many times it has been distilled, and what type of filtering process it went through.

Unlike other house brands, Barton Vodka is famous for its high quality, as it goes under four times of distillation and several filtering process through birch charcoal. Barton Vodka is dominating the cocktail market in price, quality, and satisfaction. That is why Barton Vodka is the worldwide best seller as a cocktail base.



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