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Fournier Père et Fils

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The history of the Fournier Père et Fils estate is intertwined with that of Sancerre. We shared the first moments of the appellation. We are since of all his excellences.


Our wines are the faithful companions of gourmet tables. They embody a certain French gastronomy, made up of pleasures and traditions, good taste and know-how.




The Domaine's vineyard extends over 39 hectares divided into 165 plots spread over the many hills and slopes of the Sancerre appellation. We are fortunate to have access to the most prestigious terroirs of the appellation. Our work of understanding, identifying and enhancing soils is an exciting quest that drives all of our teams. The cultivation of our soils is done with respect for our terroirs, plants and the environment.



Our mission is to reveal the potential of these Terroirs and offer them to you on an exciting journey of discovery through our ranges.




We are lucky to have a vineyard evenly distributed over the 3 terroirs of the Sancerre appellation. Made up of a myriad of small plots, we have access to a wide variety of soils, hillsides and exposures. This diversity brings us regularity and complexity year after year.

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Terrior Caillottes

Located on a geological spur of tuffeau, between Verdigny and Sancerre, the plot faces south west, the rows gently sloping towards the valley. The environment is bright, peaceful, restful...yet Bouffants means "windy" in old French. On stormy days, the atmosphere is very evidenced by the presence of an old mill nearby.

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Terrior Silex

It is a mythical hillside of the appellation, facing south on a soil of black, gray and pink flint. The old vines of Clos du Roc produce a wine with generous aromas, with a precise mouth, chiselled and carried by a great and elegant length.

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Terres Blanches

An emblematic locality of the appellation, the Monts Damnés evoke a harsh and difficult landscape for man to work with. The altitude, the steep inclination, the magical view of Chavignol and the Piton de Sancerre give you unique emotions that can be found when tasting this mythical cuvée.

Sauvignon Blanc.jpg

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is an aromatic grape variety that has found its favorite land in Sancerre. His acclimatization to the soils and climates of Sancerre constitutes a unique combination in the world. Here, it reveals all the facets of its complexity as well as the subtleties of our terroirs.

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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the marvelous grape variety of the Cote d'Or. Every year, it produces some of the greatest wines in the world. It has established itself perfectly in the neighboring vineyard of Sancerre. On the banks of the Loire, it produces wines full of freshness and finesse that will never cease to surprise you.



The vines are fascinating plants which make it possible to transcribe the subtlety of the soils through their fruits.

We pay the greatest attention to our 'vegetal diversity' in order to optimize the aromatic nuances between each vine stock of the same plot.

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We are informed witnesses of the climate change currently underway. It is our mission to observe the behavior of plants in the face of these changes and to adapt our farming practices. We practice non-certified quasi-organic viticulture in which we prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals.



Our team is made up of 6 tractor operators and vine technicians, supplemented by seasonal workers during periods of intense vegetative growth (accompanying, disbudding, etc.). A seasoned team with more than 180 years of experience taking great care of our vineyard, which is their garden.


Jean Francois



'I am incredibly lucky to be able to work in an exceptional environment, within magnificent vineyards. My mission is to fully understand the potential of each parcel so that it can produce the best possible grapes depending on the vintage. The oenologists can then reveal the treasures locked up in the grapes of each of my plots'





Our Appellation cuvées are the best known cuvées of the Domaine. The result of a diversified plot of land on carefully chosen terroirs and of unique know-how, they uphold the values ​​of each appellation.

An example of regularity, their style is the Domaine's signature. A sure value that loves tradition, long time, the codes of the terroir and the gourmet art of great tables...



The F de Fournier cuvées show the Domaine Fournier Père et Fils know-how as experts in Sancerre in the production of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

The F de Fournier wines are fruity and elegant wines, elaborated for your daily pleasure.

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