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Marques De La Concordia

Marques de la concordia Wine Spain Tempranillo ไวน์ สเปน อร่อย มาร์คียส์ เทมพรานิลโย่


Our Patron and ancestor,Don José Abascal (1743 -1821) was named MARQUÉS DE LA CONCORDIA in 1812 by King Fernando VII of Spain, to recognize his personal merits as 25th Viceroy of Peru. Don José was an intellectual in the military who brought harmony between Latin America and Iberia.

His title name CONCORDIA , comes from the immortal Roman goddess of harmony and concord.

Our wines represent the HARMONY between the old and new world, Spanish heritage with modern
winemaking technology


Producing wine since 1870. Our grapes come from the oldest (1929) and highest quality vineyards in Rioja Alta. French oak againg.

RIOJA ALTA extends through the territories between Haro and Logroño , south of the river Ebro. It is a humid and mountainous zone due to its higher elevation above sea level and with a totally Atlantic climate.


Most of its soils are of alluvial earth, limestone clay ferrous. This altitude slows down the maturity of the grape, a grape that has more acidity, more freshness, less alcoholic strength, a low average color intensity, and a great potential for aging.



Our wine artisans

The must is obtained from the fruit of the vineyard, which after fermentation will be transformed into our wines and cavas. Added to the aging time and a job well done, they are essential to obtain the best product.

Our oenologists seek excellence in each and every one of the wines and cavas of the Marqués de la Concordia Family of wines and cavas , contributing their oenological wisdom and knowledge of the terroir and vocation for innovation. Commitment, passion for wine and respect for the environment are the hallmarks of our technical team.


«Making a great wine has to do with passion. There is no mathematical formula. You have to be in tune with the rhythm of the grape, the pulse of the wine and the land.”


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