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A Guide to our Wholesale Spirits Collection

A Guide to our Wholesale Spirits Collection

When faced with our large collection of wholesale spirits, it can be hard to choose. That is why we put together this helpful guide to explain the different spirits that we stock to help you purchase the best spirit for any occasion.


Bourbon is most associated with America because U.S. federal lawmakers deem it an exclusively American product that cannot be legally produced outside the United States. They also claimed the name ‘bourbon’, which can only be used to describe spirits made in America.

Within America, most of the bourbon comes from Kentucky. In fact, as much as 95% of all bourbon sold globally comes from the state of Kentucky. However, this spirit can actually be produced anywhere in America, and new bourbon distillers are popping up across America all the time.

Though this spirit is often confused with whisky, a bourbon’s mash needs to be made up of at least 51% corn to qualify as bourbon. Furthermore, the mash needs to be distilled to less than 160 proof, stored in charred oak barrels at less than 125 proof, and contain no additives.

Despite bourbon not containing any additives, its flavour profile is no less diverse and is often said to possess hints of vanilla, oak, caramel, and spice. Given its interesting flavour, bourbon is great neat, but it can also be added to cocktails. A popular cocktail is the John Collins where you mix bourbon, lemon juice, syrup and soda water.


This spirit is distilled from fermented fruit, with grapes being the most common. Other fruits like apples, apricots, and peaches have been known to be used in brandy distillation. Unlike bourbon, brandy can be produced anywhere in the world. Some styles of brandy include cognac, armagnac, and pisco. Brandy has gained much popularity with generations over the ages.

Brandy is often enjoyed on its own and has a sweet and fruity flavour with nuances of oak and whisky. The longer a brandy is aged, the oakier it becomes. If you would like to have it in a cocktail, brandy and coke is the classic option, but there are plenty of ways to spice up your cocktails using brandy.


Find the perfect spirit in our wholesale collection.

A spirit that Hollywood has popularised, tequila is a type of mezcal. Mezcal is used to describe any spirit made using the agave plant, a popular crop in Mexico. This spirit is distilled from the fermented juices of the blue agave plant. Tequila is often distilled twice which produces a high alcohol content. Top-quality tequila can fetch a high price as the agave plant takes anywhere between seven and ten years to reach maturity before it can be harvested.

Like bourbon, there are strict laws governing the production of tequila. These regulations control how the spirit is made, bottled, and labelled. This limits where tequila can be made within Mexico.

Tequila generally has an earthy flavour with a strong alcoholic kick. Depending on the type of agave used, it can sometimes present a semi-sweet and fruity flavour. It is said that tequila produced in lowland areas tends to have a fruitier and earthier quality.

You can enjoy tequila straight or mix it in a cocktail. Margaritas are usually the cocktail of choice for many; these can be fruity, spicy or sour, depending on your preference!


This clear, colourless spirit is made using rye, corn, or wheat. Vodka is often distilled at least three times though some distillers will distil it as many as five times.

Vodka is generally considered to be tasteless, with very subtle differences between distillers. The taste profile ranges from oily, silky, and a hint of sweetness, to possessing a medicinal aftertaste. Nevertheless, this clear spirit has become popular in the club scene. However, with an alcohol content that usually surpasses 40%, you would need to be mindful of how much you consume. If you want to do it like the Russians do, chill your vodka and drink it straight up!

At Ambrose Wine & Spirits, we carry a wide range of spirits in our wholesale collection, where you are sure to find the perfect beverage for any occasion.

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