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Learn to Select the Perfect Red Wine in Bangkok

Pick the perfect bottle of red wine in Bangkok.

If you want to experience a diverse range of red wines, Bangkok is the perfect place. The city has become the nexus for wine enthusiasts who love pairing their favourite grape juice with its extraordinary world-renowned street food and fine dining experiences. Numerous wine bars and restaurants are taking root all around the city to cater to this rising demand from expats and locals. In this exciting guide, we’ll share tips on finding the perfect wine pairings in Bangkok that will breathe new life into your taste buds and bring your wine-tasting journey to a whole new level.

Bangkok’s Burgeoning Wine Scene

In the last couple of years, Bangkok has seen a surge in its wine culture, the growing middle class, increased tourism, and an expanding expatriate community have been the main drivers of this phenomenon. You can easily find a perfect wine bar or restaurant anywhere in the city where you can unwind with a perfect Merlot in hand while overlooking the glitzy cityscape from above. This has created a fortuitous situation for wine connoisseurs as it has naturally increased the range of red wines available in Bangkok.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Red Wine

Being passionate wine lovers ourselves, we encourage our customers to explore different selections of wines to savour the exquisite flavour profiles and exceptional craftsmanship in each bottle. Before that, however, here are some factors to consider when choosing that perfect bottle:

Personal Preferences

Your taste buds are unique to you! Once you understand what flavour profiles you enjoy, you can select wines based on that information. Do you prefer fruity, earthy, spicy or oaky? There’s no right or wrong answer to finding the perfect wine for yourself. It’s important to identify a bottle of wine you enjoy and use it as the baseline to find other similar wines in the future. Once you’ve established that, finding other wines you enjoy will become a breeze, and you easily venture off from there to discover new flavour profiles.

Sweetness Level

We all love a little sugar in our lives, and happily, wines offer a range of sweetness levels for you to choose from. You can select one that’s bone-dry to sinfully sweet! Remember the sweetness level you enjoy most when selecting your next bottle.


Some people find high acidity gives them an exhilarating mouthfeel, while others prefer the velvety feel of a low-acidity wine. There’s no wrong answer here. Go with your heart!


Depending on what you love, a high tannin content can accentuate the mouth-puckering feel, while others prefer a gentler and more subtle experience. Sample a range of wines to find that perfect balance you enjoy.


Hard-hitting, delicate and ethereal, the body of a wine sums up its whole character. When selecting your wine bottle, consider whether you want an easy-drinking experience or a full-bodied masterpiece.

Food Pairings

Some red wines pair seamlessly with the spiciness of Thai cuisine, while others find better company with international dishes. The general rule of thumb is that red wine goes better with red meat (beef, lamb and venison), while white wines pair better with white meats (fish, chicken and turkey).

Popular Red Wines

Ambrose Wine & Spirit has red wines at reasonable prices.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Do you love a strong, full-bodied, tannic powerhouse? Then this red wine would be perfect for you. It pairs beautifully with rich, meaty dishes like grilled steak, lamb or pork and will stand up to the robust flavours of typical Thai curries.


Universally loved, the Merlot is a popular choice for a reason. This medium-bodied wine, with its soft tannins and fruity flavours, can harmonise with a variety of dishes. Roasted meats, pasta dishes and even milder Thai dishes will make an exquisite pairing with this wine.

Pinot Noir

Delicate, light-bodied and beautifully refined, the Pinot Noir is a symphony of red fruit and earthy notes. It perfectly matches dishes like duck, salmon, mushroom-based pasta and more delicate Thai stir-fried dishes.


The Shiraz red wine hits with a freight train boldness that punches through even the strongest flavours. This full-bodied wine gives a spicy, fruity, peppery flavour that will cut through grilled meats, barbecue and fiery Thai dishes like fried basil pork.

Tips for Enjoying Red Wine

Now that you’ve selected your perfect bottle of red, you’ll need to support it for an exemplary performance. Here are some tips to enhance your red wine experience:

Cool It

Wines are best enjoyed at a cool temperature between 16 to 18 Celsius. Store it in a cool, dark place and serve it at this temperature whenever the mood strikes. If you are a passionate enthusiast, we recommend getting a wine chiller to store all your favourite bottles of decadence.

The Right Glass

The right wine glass can elevate your drinking experience. The generous bowl and narrow rim are designed to focus the alluring aromas of the wine and enhance your sensory experience. Ensure you have a few handy to enjoy your bottle of red fully.


Full-bodied wines with high tannins can benefit greatly from decanting. Doing so allows the wine to breathe and release its complex aromas, enhancing the overall tasting experience. Pour your red wine into a decanter and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour for a more impressive experience.

At Ambrose Wine & Spirits, we love sharing our wine passion with you. Regardless if you’re a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, we stock some of the best wines, including those from Robert Mondavi, in Bangkok and would love for you to explore our impressive range. Embark on a thrilling wine discovery experience with us at reasonable prices. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are delighted to help you pick the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion. Contact us today!

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