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Why Montes Red Wine is World Renowned

World's best vineyards 2022

Viña Montes red wines are known for their impeccable taste and are often remarked to taste more expensive than they actually are. Chile is the fifth largest wine exporter in the world, and part of that success comes from Vina Montes’ phenomenal success in the red wine industry. The Chilean wine producer has even won the ‘best vineyard in South America’ for 2022. An award that they have won for the third year in a row!

The history of this Chilean wine started in 1987 thanks to partners Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray. Both men had extensive experience in the wine industry and had a vision to produce the best wines from Chile. One that was far better than was available at the time.

The two men were joined by Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand, who each added their own special and unique contribution to the growth of Vina Montes (originally named DiscoverWine Ltd). It was a dream turned into reality for the quartet. And in a short period of time, their wines reached the shores of more than a hundred countries. They are respected for both their extraordinary quality and for bringing recognition to Chile as a respected wine producer.

With their growing success, Montes introduced their Chardonnay, Merlot, and Syrah versions. The owners sought to ensure that the brand was placed in the premium category of wines and worked with numerous specialised wine shops, restaurants, and hotels that had a more demanding clientele.

Their continued success encouraged them to take a huge risk by using the Apalta Valley and planting vineyards on a mountain slope. And because of this risky venture, it gave birth to their first ultra-premium Chilean Montes Alpha ‘M’ 1996, which is a classic Bordeaux. This was quickly followed by what was to become a cult win, the Montes Folly 2000, which was a very low-production product. And this was followed by the Carmenère Premium Chilean, which launched in May 2005. These wines all quickly turned into commercial success with the help of their loyal followers and wine reviewers.

Montes reached new heights when it became the fifth largest exporter of Chilean wine in 2005 without seeking the help of joint ventures or the consultation of foreigners; breaking away from the practice of most other Chilean vineyards. Montes is extremely proud that it’s completely 100% Chilean-owned and managed.

Prime Vineyards in Chile

Prime Vineyards in Chile

For a vineyard to produce award-winning red wine it requires some of the best vineyards. And Montes has acquired and invested heavily into growing their grapes on some of the best land that Chile has to offer. Here are some of the vineyards where Montes produces their red wine.

Valley on Aconcagua Coast

Zapallar Vineyard - Montes is the only winery that has planted in this region. Just 7 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean, this vineyard is known for its cool, cloudy mornings, with the sun rising at noon, and cloudy afternoons. This leads to mostly cool temperatures that allow the grapes to ripen at a slower pace and create more intense flavours and aromas.

Leyda Vineyard - Like Zapallar, the Leyda Vineyard is close to the Pacific Ocean - just 15 kilometres from the coast, with cool summers complemented by cool breezes and warm afternoons, perfect for Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes from this vineyard develop high acidity and a special unique aroma.

Casablanca Vineyard - Although located much further away than the previous two vineyards, 23 kilometres from the coast, this vineyard continues to enjoy the same cool climate as the other vineyards. The Casablanca vineyard produces great white wines with a good level of acidity, which makes them ideally suited for Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

Valley on Aconcagua Coast


Probably the most renowned Chilean valley for winemakers and lovers the world over, Vina Montes was the first to see the merits of this valley. Located in the centre of Chile and just two hours away from the capital of Santiago, this valley produces some of the best grapes for winemaking. This is mostly due to the low valley that allows minimal exposure of the vineyards to the sun and maintains a relatively mild temperature throughout the year.

Apalta Vineyard - Extending from the Tinguiririca River to the southern hills of Apalta in the north, it minimises the hours of sun exposure to the vineyards. This allows a slower ripening of the grapes and creates more intense flavours. The soil is naturally deeper in the valley compared to at the foot of the mountains due to the natural movements of the Earth from high up the mountain.

Marchigüe Vineyard - 25 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean and nestled between the coastal mountains range and the sea, the red grapes of our vineyard ripen slowly with the cooler temperatures.


Ambrose Wine and Spirits import a large selection of red wines from Viña Montes. For some of the best Chilean wines, visit our website today.

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