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About us

Ruffino is a multifaceted business centered on the production of quality Italian wines, whose mission incorporates the key requirements of contemporary agriculture.

A company with over one hundred years of history inseparable to Tuscany and deeply attached to Italy, Ruffino today is the result of unparalleled business experience, agricultural wisdom, varied and extensive production expertise, and a modern organization consisting of stratified roles required for competition in a highly competitive sector and strongly linked to the local area.

An established producer of top Tuscan wines, which continues to provide the basis of its popularity, more recently the company extended its vision beyond these historic Tuscan estates with wines that achieve their highest expression in Veneto.

Ruffino now employs about 300 people across its various sites and benefits from an approach that surpasses former product distinctions. Alongside top winemaking, Ruffino vaunts flagship hospitality, organizing tours, tastings, running a restaurant and the chance to enjoy the brand experience firsthand on the Poggio Casciano estate, close to Florence.

Ruffino elevates its ethical mission with an entire program that is summarized in English as “Ruffino Cares”. The company furthers a campaign that unites all corporate social responsibility projects and focuses its efforts on three main aspects: the environment (not only the increased concentration on organic), responsible drinking and commitment to others.


Ruffino began to purchase top-quality vineyards beginning with Montemasso in 1942. Today, Ruffino owns 6 estates in Tuscany and 1 estate in Veneto, each of which produce unique top-quality wines.

Our Wines


The Greppone Mazzi estate lies to the east of the hilltop town of Montalcino. “Greppi” means “uneven slopes” and describes the rough scarps in this area. The estate boasts an eighteenth-century villa, whose courtyard contains an old cistern embellished with an iron star, which symbolizes the lofty ambitions of the wine producer. The star has always featured on the label of the sole wine made on the estate: Greppone Mazzi Brunello di Montalcino.

The self-draining, arid land, almost drought conditions, is the natural habitat for a special variety of Sangiovese: Sangiovese Grosso. Locals call it Brunello, although many different synonyms are used to define it, which is often the case in popular traditions.

The Brunello di Montalcino appellation is now universally acknowledged as one of the highest expressions of the Sangiovese grape in a combination of expressive power and sublime elegance and longevity that has made this wine famous worldwide, also thanks to the commendable publication by Italian wine writer Luigi Veronelli.

Hot summer days and nights cooled by sea breezes hone the complexity, balance and concentration typical of great Brunello wines. Greppone Mazzi is home to a 50-year-old Brunello vine that was used as the rootstock for new plantings.


Appellation:   Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Varietals:        100% Sangiovese - Locally referred to as “Sangiovese                             Grosso” or “Brunello”

Aging:            24 months in oak barrels, 12 months in large steel                                 containers, 4 months in the bottle

Vineyards:      Greppone Mazzi Estate and Le Logge Vineyard

Taste Profile:  Full-bodied structure soft tannins, full of fruity notes

Style:              Rich, full-bodied, elegantly structured


The Latin word for “method” or “measure”, Modus is Ruffino’s modern interpretation of the blending of three noble grape varieties. First produced in 1997, it is an award-winning Supertuscan that enjoys critical acclaim worldwide. This fine wine calls for balance across its parts: vines, sun, land and labor.

Appellation:   Toscana IGT

Varietals:        37% Sangiovese,  32% Merlot, 31% Carbernet Sauvignon

Aging:            12 months in barriques

Taste Profile:  Cherries, dark berries, spice, and sweet tobacco

Style:              Full-bodied with soft tannins


The first vintage of Riserva Ducale was made in 1927 to pay tribute to the Duke of Aosta who loved this wine. Twenty years later, Ruffino celebrated the extraordinary 1947 vintage by making the first Riserva Ducale Oro. Riserva Ducale Oro is only produced in exceptional vintages in order to allow this wine for age at length.

Appellation:  Chianti Classico

                      Gran Selezione  DOCG

Varietals:       80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot &  Cabernet

Aging:           36 months in oak, stainless steel and                                    concrete vats, followed by additional bottle                          aging (longer than required by law)

Taste Profile: Distinctively Tuscan with notes of violet,                              cherry & plum, with hints of chocolate &                              spices

Style:             Full-bodied, rounded, complex, impressive



In 1890, the Duke of Aosta, having crossed the Alps, finally tasted this wine that had become so famous in only 13 years. He loved it so much that he appointed Ruffino as supplier to the royal household.

Appellation:  Chianti Classico Riserva

Varietals:        80% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet                                           Sauvignon and Merlot

Aging:            12 months in concrete, 12 months in                                 large oak barrels, 3 months in the bottle

Taste Profile:  Medium-bodied, complex, and                                           elegantly dry with ripe fruit flavors with                             delicate tannins

Style:              Medium-bodied, balanced 


The historic soul of Ruffino, this wine’s first vintage was 1877. It was the pioneer in the ceaseless quest for “ideal wine”, the motto of the founding Ruffino cousins. When Chianti became a DOCG wine in 1984, a bottle of Ruffino Chianti wore the very first pink DOCG warranty strip, bearing the number AAA 00000001.


Appellation:   Chianti DOCG

Varietals:        70% Sangiovese, 30% Merlot

Aging:            3 months in the bottle

Taste Profile:  Dry, strong cherry overtones and poised tannins

Style:              Enjoyable, harmonious, distinctive

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