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Skol Gin





Distillery: J.A. Dougherty's & Sons
ABV: 40%
Region: KentuckyUnited States
Style: Classic
Base Spirit: Grain
Known Botanicals: Juniper

Skol Gin is distilled by J.A. Dougherty’s & Sons in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s distilled from grain and bottled at 40% ABV. Additionally it’s part of the Barton family of brands (Sazerac) which includes other historic brands like Flesichmann’s, Mr. Boston, Glenmore, and Crystal Palace.

Though the bottle lays claim to quite a history: “famous since 1849.” I can find scant mention of Skol Gin before the 1980’s.

Flavor Profile

Screenshot 2021-05-16 172555.png

Tasting Notes

Lovely aromas of orange peel with a hint of pine and coriander on the nose.

The finish of Skol Gin is long. 

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200 ml
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