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Skol Vodka



Vodka Soda

Spirits Type: Vodka

ABV: 40% Alcohol

Category: Grain Vodka

Country: Bardstown, Kentucky, United States


Skol Premium Vodka offers a medium body and a smooth taste. However, don't let that make you think this is a light-flavored vodka. It's a hard vodka with a strong taste.

USA- Skol Vodka is known for versatility with mixed drinks, and is a party necessity. A great value made in the USA from the finest grains. The flavor is mostly neutral with just a hint of pepper.

It specifically made with 100% grain-neutral spirits. Alcohols sold as vodka in the United States have to have a minimum alcohol content of 40% (80 proof), which Skol Vodka has. Throughout the distillation and filtering process, it goes through four different distillations to give it the unique flavor it offers. It has filtered to get rid of any impurities.

It is an excellent value made in the USA from the most beautiful grains. Bright and medium-bodied, it is sure to please. Enjoy!


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