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Sparkling wine, whether it’s Prosecco, Champagne or some of the lesser-known varieties, has been the libation of choice for celebrations since the early 16th century. The original sparkling wine was called Blanquette de Limoux. It was invented by Benedictine monks in the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire, near Carcassonne in Southern France in 1531.

It was initially considered to be a mistake during the winemaking process. They bottled the wine before the initial fermentation process had ended. The wine continued to ferment in the bottle and was the cause of exploding corks and the signature bubbles that gave it the term sparkling wine.

As people started to develop a taste for sparkling wine, winemakers experimented over the years with adding sugar to initiate a second fermentation, as the fermentation process helps impart the desired flavour and crispness that characterises sparkling wine.

As sparkling wine became more popular, the glass-makers of the time developed techniques and materials that allowed bottles to withstand the internal pressure of the second fermentation. The pressure and unstableness of the wine caused it to be more expensive to produce. It was adopted by the upper class and ordered whenever there was a particularly special occasion to celebrate. In France, the first sparkling champagne was referred to as “le vin du diable”, or the “devil’s wine” because it was so volatile.

These days, sparkling wine is used to celebrate special occasions regardless of social class. Although there are still some expensive bottles of sparkling wine, modern winemaking production methods have produced very good wines that everyone can afford.

Ambrose Wine and Spirits stocks a large variety of wholesale Champagnes, Prosecco, and sparkling wines to suit every occasion. Browse our website to find the perfect sparkling wines for your customers.

A Reliable Sparkling Wine Supplier

The finest hotels, restaurants, and bottle shops need a reliable Prosecco or Champagne Sparkling wine delivery supplier.

Ambrose Wine and Spirits  specialises in Prosecco and Champagne wholesale wine delivery in Bangkok, Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai. We offer both wholesale and direct to consumer services for Champagne and Prosecco sparkling wines , contact us to get a sparkling wine price list.

We offer our customers many ways to buy prosecco and champagne sparkling wine. We have four offices in Bangkok, Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai that offer personalised service to our customers.

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