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Since our founding in 1874 at the foothill of the Andes, Viña Tarapacá has produced wines that reflect the combination of its tradition, more than centenary, and a contemporary elegance.

Currently, Tarapacá has a wide international recognition, which has positioned itself as one of the Chilean wineries with the longest trajectory and tradition. This long and successful journey not only has led us to be a reference of the national viticulture, but also to be present in more than 60 countries.

Our portfolio includes Gran Reserva Tarapacá Blue Label, Gran Reserva Tarapacá Etiqueta Negra, Gran Reserva Tarapacá, Reserva Tarapacá, and Tarapacá.


Our History


Don Francisco de Rojas y Salamanca, a renowned winemaker possessing the noblest of grape varieties, founded the winery under the name "Viña de Rojas" in the exceptional Maipo Valley.



Sebastián Ruiz studied Agronomy at the Universidad de Chile with a “Merit Grant” which he obtained for academic excellence. His specialization in Winemaking and Viticulture was carried out at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and in 1995 he passed the winemaking exam with the highest grade amongst his peers.

In 2014, Sebastián was called upon to lead the winemaking team at Viña Tarapacá, aiming to maintain the renowned winemaking excellence of the winery, but also to innovate and bring back elements of Terroir in his wines.

Sebastián Ruiz strongly believes in the huge potential of our winery. His objective is to create distinct Chilean wines which express their origin and fully represent the Maipo Valley. In this way, the wines harness the unique characteristics of the “Fundo El Rosario” estate,  giving  Viña Tarapacá’s distinct style -especially with the Gran Reserva Tarapacá range.



Our winery is located in Isla de Maipo, which is considered as the finest and most traditional area for the production of fine wines in Chile.

The estate is comprised of 2,600 hectares, of which 611 are planted with vineyards. It is a unique place surrounded by mountains and the river Maipo. For this reason, the El Rosario Estate is known as “Maipo Valley’s Natural Clos”.

Clos is a French viticultural term used to describe a terroir that is surrounded by concrete walls erected to preserve the vineyard. At Viña Tarapacá, we call it the “Natural Clos”, because our vineyard is surrounded by natural barriers which give origin to unique wines of exceptional quality.

Sustainability and Commitments

We are continually committed to quality winemaking and sustainable practices in different areas: economic, social and environmental.

We strive to conserve the biodiversity surrounding our vineyards, through a series of initiatives that allow for sustainable use of the vineyard, as well as sustainable wine production.



Quality Management ISO 9001

Environmental Management 14001

Occupational Health & Safety Management OHSAS 18001

Organic Certification

Certificate under the Sustainability Code from Wines of Chile

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

International Food Standard (IFS)


Our Wines

Gran Reserva Range

Reserva Range

Varietal Range

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