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Torre Mora

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Piccini 1882 sets itself the ambitious goal of telling the Italy of wine through its most prestigious territories. In addition to the successful brand, the Piccini family has inaugurated the estates project. Five corners of Italy that contain our wine excellence. One of them has been named “TORRE MORA ESTATE”.
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Torre Mora is a small estate dedicated to organic and sustainable viticulture, the choice of traditional methods, the typicality of the grape and the culture of the territory. The two vineyards of the property are located respectively in the Contrada Dafara Galluzzo in Rivittello and in the Contrada Alboretto Chiuse del Signore, in the municipality of Linguaglossa.

Etna DOC


The Etna DOC production area is an exceptional place for viticulture. This area is distinguished by some unique features which, when combined, generate a complex microclimate: a loose and fertile volcanic soils, at high altitude characterised by an important daily thermal excursion. A unique place that stands out for its special bond with the typical vines of the area: Nerello Mascalese, the main vine of the slopes of the volcano for the reds, and Carricante for the whites.


The company has 15 hectares of vineyards located 380 meters above sea level, which enjoy a favourable exposure that, combined with the lava nature of the land, give extremely distinctive, mineral and spicy characteristics to the wines.



Torre Mora's philosophy follows the company's priciple of “ONE VINE - ONE TERRITORY”; a perfect combination that represents for us a source of inspiration for the production of wines that tell , with every sip, the story of grapes grown on the slope of an active volcano.


The main grape is Nerello Mascalese, followed by Nerello Cappuccio.

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