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Welcome to Wegeler Estates!

We are a family-run estate with a sense for our history and tradition. Since 4 generations now, we share the same passion for Riesling, which we cultivate to a 100% in our vineyards along the Rhine and the Mosel river banks.

Our credo is "quality is our philosophy" and that is the way we work today, just like 130 years ago, when our estate had been founded. We produce exclusively high-quality Riesling: with traditional, ecological wine-growing and mostly with manual work.


"Winery of the Year" in the Rheingau - Vinum Wineguide 2019


Wegeler's excellency guaranteed by three big awards in a row:

2019 Vinum: Winery of the Year in the Rheingau

2018 Falstaff: Collection of the year

2017 Gault Millau: Promoted Winery of the year

Significantly involved are the Rieslings from the Geisenheimer Rothenberg. In less than a decade, the Rothenberg brought us new wines of world renown. This shows us that the renaissance of large historic vineyards is in full swing.

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