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Branca Menta

Have an ice journey!

Brancamenta was born in the ’60s, a period characterized by great changes, by an economic boom, by a new way of life – more individualistic and less conformist – and, consequently, by great desires for novelties, even in taste and flavours.

Fratelli Branca Distillerie, thanks to the great and sharp intuition that has always distinguished it, decides to research and develop a drink suitable for every season, creating Brancamenta, a product that surprises its consumers and aficionados with its “thrill of intense pleasure ” at every sip.

Its surprising formula, composed of herbs and spices, is enriched with the Piedmontese peppermint essential oil, the most valuable in the world. 

Thus a high-quality, natural and particularly refreshing bitter liqueur was born.

Brancamenta, perfect in every season, is an iced drink icon, either as an aperitif or for a long evening of taste and pleasure. 

Ideal also mixed in the irresistible Mintonic cocktail. The recipe is very simple: muddled lime, a spoonful of brown sugar and mint leaves add crushed ice, pour 1/5 Brancamenta and 4/5 of tonic water and garnish with mint leaves.

For a truly “cool” drink, we recommend enjoying Brancamenta at a “below zero” temperature, a way of consumption that incorporates that idea and that image of a glass carved in ice that has become a true icon of Italian advertising.

Branca Menta – While Fernet-Branca dates to 1845, Branca-Menta was released in the 1960s, the result of younger drinkers who were putting mint syrup in their Fernet. Take standard Fernet-Branca and add peppermint and menthol, and you’ve got Menta.

However, the current recipe is much lower in alcohol. The mint is immediately evident on the nose, and it brings out a cocoa character in the aroma that ultimately smells a lot like mint chocolate.

Sweetness is evident as you take a sip — this is no ultra-bitter fernet but rather a more modern styling — and the palate hits like a mint-flavored glass of espresso, heavily dosed with sugar. That heavy sweetness makes Menta feel less refreshing than it should be, though the peppermint element is at least quite fun. 60 proof

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Branca Menta is the mint version of Fernet Branca. It's 30% alcohol and has a very firm herbal, bitterness, but it is supplemented by an intense mint scent. Like Fernet Branca, you can drink it mixed with cola or you can serve it straight on ice.

BRAND: Branca


SPIRITS TYPE: Amaro, Aperitif & Vermouth

SPIRITS STYLE: Amaro, Fernet

ABV: 30%



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