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Mad Fish

Mad fish Australia Wine ไวน์ ออสเตรเลีย

The Origins

The MadFish story begins in the far southern reaches of Western Australia, where 15 kilometres from the quiet coastal town of Denmark you will find the secluded, picturesque MadFish Bay. According to local folk, the bay’s tranquility is broken when the most incredible sight of two tides meet. Confused by this natural phenomenon, schools of small fish can be seen leaping in the air, as if in a state of madness!


It is here along this wild coastline that you will find madfish bay, a spot like no other, where opposing tides collide, forcing schools of glinting fish to break the ocean surface. This premium grape-growing landscape delivers a natural smoothness to the wines with a consistency that contradicts the energy of its dramatic origins. Our contemporary, cool climate wine styles have been noted for their pure and clean character, inspired by the wild, coastal and ancient landscape of Australia’s South West

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Our Wines

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