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How is Wine Not Vegan? Decoded And Explained

With its long-standing association with sophistication and celebration, wine is often considered a vegan-friendly beverage. However, unbeknownst to many, not all wines are created equal when adhering to vegan principles. Now you might be wondering -

“It’s made from grapes! How is wine not vegan?” The culprit behind this discrepancy lies in the process of wine clarification, wherein fining agents are employed. Let’s explore the clarification process to understand how most wines may not be vegan.

The Clarification Process

Clarification is an essential step in winemaking that involves removing unwanted particles and sediments, resulting in a clear and visually appealing wine. Fining agents are employed during this process to facilitate settling suspended particles, making them easier to remove. However, some of these fining agents are derived from animal sources, rendering the wine non-vegan.

Common examples include:

  • Isinglass: Obtained from fish bladders, particularly sturgeon, and widely used for clarifying white and rosé wines.

  • Gelatin: Derived from boiled cow or pig body parts commonly used for all types of wine clarification.

  • Casein: A milk protein.

  • Egg Whites: Commonly used in red wine clarification.

What is Vegan Wine?

Vegan wine, simply put, is a wine that is crafted without the use of animal-derived fining agents. Alternative fining agents are utilised to achieve the desired clarity and quality of the final product.

As awareness about veganism continues to grow, winemakers have opted for alternative fining agents, such as activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and vegetable-based products, such as pea protein, to cater to the increasing demand for vegan wines.

In addition to utilising vegan-friendly fining agents, winemakers can adopt alternative winemaking techniques. Some of these methods include natural sedimentation, where the wine is allowed to settle naturally and clarify over time without using fining agents. The second method is filtration, where advanced techniques, such as cross-flow or sterile filtration, are implemented to remove sediments and particles.

Ambrose, Quality Wine & Spirits

Selecting a reliable and reputable provider is essential when indulging in vegan wine. Enter Ambrose, Thailand’s leading importer and distributor, committed to offering a wide selection of wines and spirits, including vegan wines from around the world, since 1996.

At Ambrose, we take pride in curating a diverse collection of vegan wines to cater to the discerning tastes of our customers. From renowned Argentinian brands like Kaiken Mai to popular Australian wines such as Yellow Tail, and selections from Chile, Portugal, and Spain, our portfolio boasts a range of exceptional options for wine lovers.

We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility. Hence, we offer wine delivery services, ensuring that our customers can enjoy their favourite vegan wines from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, for businesses and establishments looking to stock their shelves with vegan wines, we provide wholesale services. We are also the trusted wine suppliers to leading hotels and restaurants in Bangkok and nationwide.

Trust in Ambrose

Customers can confidently trust Ambrose Wine for their vegan wine needs because we uphold the highest standards of product integrity, ensuring that our collection is carefully selected and verified. To preserve the quality, we store our products in a 24-hour temperature-controlled warehouse that ensures optimal conditions throughout storage and delivery.

Enjoy the flavours of the vine without compromising your commitment to animal welfare. Whether enjoying a quiet evening at home or stocking up for a special occasion, you can rely on us for your vegan wine supply in Bangkok and all over Thailand.

Our dedicated team is knowledgeable and passionate – contact us today for expert guidance and assistance in choosing the perfect vegan wine. Cheers to a kinder pour!

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