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Ambrose Wine & Spirits offers a few high-quality brandy imported from all over the world. As a wholesale brandy supplier, we offer the finest brandy selections with delivery services. Contact us through our online channels or take a look at our collection, including decadent Black Bottle brandy.

About Brandy

Brandy is a classic spirit that comes in many varieties and can be enjoyed in several ways. Brandy is distilled from wine or other types of fermented fruit juice. It is most frequently made using grapes, but many brandies are made from apples, peaches, cherries, pears or plums. Brandy is typically 40-50% ABV and has a sweet, fruity flavour. Aged brandies often have oaky notes similar to whiskey.

The History of Brandy

The word ‘brandy’ comes from the Dutch word ‘brandewijn’, which means ‘burned wine’. Brandy was developed in connection to the development of distillation processes. In Europe, brandy was produced in large quantities starting in the 15th century. Winemakers began distilling wine to help preserve it longer, making it easier to transport over long distances. Varieties of brandy are found nearly everywhere around the world that wine is made.

Types of Brandy

There are several varieties of brandy which differ based on where they come from and how they are made. While there are no specific regulations on how to make brandy generally, a few varieties are defined by particular production methods.

  • Cognac - Cognac is one of the finest brandies in the world and is protected by an appellation of origin stating that it can only legally be produced in the Cognac region of France according to specific production methods. Cognac can only be made from certain types of grapes, is distilled twice in copper pots, and is aged in wood barrels for at least two years.

  • Armagnac - This is another type of brandy protected by an appellation of origin, which designates that it must come from Armagnac, a region of France south of Cognac. Armagnac also has special standards for production that outline the type of grapes and distilling methods to be used. 

  • Brandy de Jerez - This Spanish brandy must be aged in the Jerez region in the south of Spain. Brandy de Jerez is aged using a special solera system approach that produces brandy with a complex, sweeter flavour profile.

  • Pisco - Pisco is a South American brandy produced primarily in Chile and Peru. There are four varieties of pisco created from different types of grapes. Pisco can be aged or unaged and tends to have a higher alcohol content than other kinds of brandy. 

  • Grappa - This is an Italian brandy made by fermenting and distilling grape skins, stems, and seeds leftover from the wine-making processes. This process, which was developed as a way to reduce waste, produces a clear brandy that is typically unaged. 

Drinking Brandy

Most people prefer drinking brandy straight. It is frequently enjoyed as a digestif to sip after dinner. This is particularly true for well-aged brandies like Cognac and Armagnac. When enjoyed straight, it is typically served in a brandy snifter, a short-stemmed glass with a wide bowl to capture the brandy’s aroma, enhancing the drinking experience.

Brandy is also a common ingredient in many traditional cocktails, including the Pisco sour, metropolitan, milk punch, sidecar, Vieux Carré, and brandy Alexander. Brandy makes an excellent ingredient for both classic and modern cocktail recipes. If you enjoy mixology, it is a good idea to have a nice brandy on-hand in your home bar. Brandy can also be used in cooking, in a similar way to cooking wines.

Ambrose Wine & Spirits is your best choice for ordering delicious imported brandies for delivery in Thailand. You can call or contact us through our online channels for more information about our selection.

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